Automate Production and Shipping Schedules with OPENTRAC™ Just-in-Time integration

In order to compete in the automotive industry, companies must cut costs while maximizing the efficiency of their supply chains. By providing lean manufacturing capabilities to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, our OpenTrac™ solutions can satisfy the needs of the auto industry. Our 150 customers supply some of the largest automotive manufacturers in North America and use our ERP solutions to optimize production runs and meet planned delivery schedules.

Tracking material is critical to maintaining inventory accuracy within a just-in-time (JIT) environment that automotive customers require. Using advanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology, OpenTrac™ provides real-time information on every piece of material from the steel producers to the auto industry, and all points in between. Using the same e-commerce network, external inventory is easily audited without manual procedures. OpenTrac™ ensures that all data is validated and nothing gets lost.

OpenTrac™ continuously improves the following capabilities:

  • Kanbans
  • JIT inventory
  • Multi-step processing
  • Job order scheduling
  • Forecasts and planning
  • EDI & e-communication abilities
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Metal certifications