EDI Partnering and EDITs™

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between trading partners has grown consistently over the last decade. Today's customers are compelled to reduce costs by exchanging electronic data with their supply chain to eliminate manual interface errors and decrease cycle times.

Companies trying to maintain their communication links to customers and suppliers find it more difficult as technology and employee skills continuously change. Peraton is an expert in EDI at all levels and has the infrastructure in place to assure performance for your customers. Because of this convenience, outsourcing this area of business has been a preferred option for many of our clients.

Because this electronic data could include EDI, e-forms, email, RF barcode tags, auto faxing and, more recently, XML formats that conform to standard internet communications, many companies have struggled to keep up with changing formats and making those formats compatible between systems.

That's why we offer EDI Translation Services, or EDITS; a service that provides the EDI capabilities for all trading partners that need help with EDI mapping and maintaining communications. The main advantages to your company with our EDITS service are; you save money and you become EDI enabled with trading partners requiring special formats and communication protocols. Our customers extend their e-commerce capabilities without any additional programming.

Features of EDITS include:
  • Automated real time processing
  • Fully customizable for any partner and any EDI format
  • Automatic transmission and resend capability with audit trail
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week database and server support
  • Ability to have data delivered and picked up
  • Established EDI connections to most major metal producers and OEM customers
  • Single connection to Peraton with an accurate tracking of work performed
  • Interface capabilities to other systems
  • Messaging options for email or auto fax flexibility