Realizing that there are businesses that need a basic ERP solution we created a web portal material tracking system capable of producing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and e-commerce transactions for small and medium processors, service centers, and warehouses in the manufacturing industry.

The concept behind SteelPartner is a transaction-based system, which is accessed through a virtual private network (VPN) with two factor authentication for added security. Mills send data to SteelPartner via EDI transactions and SteelPartner loads this data into the SteelPartner website. Outside Processor (OP) users logon to the website, enter their data as material is received, processed and shipped. Behind the scenes, SteelPartner builds and maintains a secure order and inventory control system exclusively for that Sponsor/OP relationship. SteelPartner then creates and sends the required EDI transactions.

SteelPartner is primarily capable of:
  • Shipping transactions (advanced shipping notice)
  • Material receipt confirmations
  • Production recording
  • Reapplications (transfer orders)
  • Hold / release (status change of material)
  • Material transfers (shipping and ownership change)
  • Inventory handoff (snap shot of inventory)
  • Maintenance (inventory adjustments)

SteelPartner provides you with the core functionality you need to operate your business, while helping you become an integrated part of the supply chain thanks to our EDI communication services.

Steelpartner is a proven service. It's easy, reliable and very affordable.