OpenTrac Manager™

Opentrac Manager is an advanced tracking solution for precise and rapid inventory administration. This web based warehousing system provides real-time, transaction managed information based multiple trigger points and a robust location management module that tracks the life cycle of inventory and scales easily from a single warehouse to multiple locations. This allows users at one facility to see and manage inventory at all locations

OpenTrac Manager is designed to manage your entire business and provide transaction management capabilities to warehouses storing any type of material. The diverse tracking ability conforms too many different types of products and attributes with a flexible measurement system adapting to almost any type of unit of measurement. Multiple transport types are easily setup and tracked.
OpenTrac Manager distinguishes itself from the competition through its flexibility of architecture and ability to streamline business functions. With optional e-communication capabilities between your facility and suppliers, manual data entry hours and mistakes can be reduced, increasing efficiency.

Key features of the OpenTrac Manager include:
  • Location management module
  • Reorder point triggering and alerts
  • Customer portal
  • Complex pricing agreements
  • Multiple units of measurement for unique material types
  • Track incoming and outgoing material across multiple transport types
  • Accurate historical reporting
  • User defined products
  • Accounting integration with an accounting package of your choice.