OpenTrac Enterprise™

A complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed for processors, service centers, distribution centers and producers in the manufacturing industry, OpenTrac Enterprise is a web-based system designed to manage an entire business and provide transaction management capabilities to companies that supply and purchase their material. OpenTrac Enterprise is capable of:

  • Material tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Supporting RF scanners for data input and verification
  • Barcoding
  • Maintaining part profiles
  • Order processing
  • Scheduling
  • Keeping track of quality control statuses
  • Attribute search and inquiry
  • Interfacing with external accounting packages
  • Customer invoicing
  • Planning for need through forecasting
  • Unit Setup
  • Interfacing with external accounting packages
  • EDI and e-commerce messaging
  • Data Validation
  • Report Writing

OpenTrac Enterprise provides you the most thorough SaaS ERP system available on the market for the manufacturing industry, plus full supply chain integration with our EDI communication services.